Monday, 20 July 2015

Hello There!

Hello peeps! Thought I'd say a quick hello at the start of the week. We are having some lovely weather here in Gurgaon, well lovely only if you are indoors, not so lovely if you're commuting and having to face the chaos of the roads here in NCR :)

So I got a nice little surprise a few days ago, when Seema shared a picture of a lovely reading nook she has created in her home. She calls it her little sunshine corner and it's the place she enjoys her morning cup of tea or a nice long read. 

Isn't it just so warm and cosy looking? 

Seema, thanks for writing in and for sharing this beautiful space with us! 

Have a great week ahead guys!

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Colors of the Monsoon

I have been very irregular with my posts lately. I have a good reason, but I need to get back to blogging regularly. I miss it so! Today I've managed to squeeze out some time- Adhi is napping, all is quiet and I can hear myself think! Today I post on decor. Much, much over due, I know! What can I say. Time is now a precious commodity that is in very short supply for me now that my dd is on the scene and blogging has become near impossible. Just the other day I was trying to get some drawings done for a deadline I had the next day. The dd just had to climb up on my lap and 'supervise' what I was doing. I turned my head for like two seconds and she had somehow managed to delete an entire cadd drawing!

Having a toddler who seems quite determined to 'understand the workings of a camera', figure out death defying ways to climb onto the couch when no one is looking and, one who waits for a chance for the fridge door to open so she can pull stuff out, means our house looks very different to what it did a few months ago. And working on nice little vignettes of the apartment is practically impossible! I have a term for it- Life before Adhi :) Don't get me wrong, I love my dd, but an angel she is NOT! But I do miss being able to create cute little corners of prettiness and then spend a few hours taking pictures. Most of all, I miss sharing my ideas with you guys!

But, as luck would have it, I was looking through old pictures and realised I have a stash of images which I had shot for a magazine a few months ago. It was supposed to be for a Spring issue, got delayed to a Monsoon issue, and then never really happened for some reason or the other. So now I can just share these images with you. I hope you like! I do think this set is so in keeping with the weather we've been having the last few days. I hope they remind you of the rain and the cool breeze that comes with it, and the smell of wet earth that is heavenly and sweet. Enjoy!

More soon, I hope :)

[All images by Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission] 

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