Sunday, 8 March 2015

Yours Truly at the Zamozza Launch Party

Last Firday I was lucky enough to get an invite for the launch of Zamozza -World Kitchen & Bar. (big shout out to Chandni Mahajan of Wish Box Studio for the invite).  It was a night high on Food, Fashion, Music and Drinks, and I was super excited since I don’t often get a chance to get all ‘dolled up’ :) 

 The hubs, yours truly, Varun Puri & The gorgeous Sneha Lata Saikia

Mr Vidur Kanodia, Director & CEO at Eatbud Food Private Limited, launched Zamozza last Friday amidst much fanfare. Located at Janpath, just next to Shiv Sagar, and it promises to be a paradise for foodies and those looking for a place to enjoy a nice evening out with friends.

Mr Sunil Sethi & Mrs Bharti Sethi with our lovely hosts 
Ms Sakshi Kanodia & Mr Vidur Kanodia 

Varun Puri, Priyank Sukhija with Natasha Jain

It was a fun evening, made better with the company of Sneha Lata Saikia - The Kitchen Espion. It was great seeing so many well known faces of Delhi. We also bumped into several fellow foodies and it was nice to catch up and share notes. At a gastronomical level, I enjoyed some lip smacking food, particularly the chilli prawns and dimsum which were sooo good.

If you do happen to visit, make sure not to miss a great selfie opportunity as you walk through the narrow, mirror panelled corridor at the entry with its ceiling filled with light bulbs. It makes quite an impression!

Congrats to Vidur Kanodia & Varun Puri. The place looks great and I look forward to visiting again! 

[Images courtesy Wish Box Studio]

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Kanak's Whimsical Garden Oasis

Another addition of MY Space, My Style! This time we are taking you outdoors! For the last two years, I've been seeing my friend Kanak's garden transform into this magical little oasis of green. And if I were to be honest, everytime I see pictures of her garden, I turn a little green with envy :) 

Kanak & Anuj's home is in the heart of LA and their garden is just such a gorgeous, gorgeous escape! What is even more admirable is that it's been a D.I.Y project that they have undertaken together, and there is absolutely no doubt that it's been a complete labour of love! 

Prepare to be awed, inspired, and if you are like me, just the tiniest bit jealous! Each time I see her garden, I feel like going out onto my tiny little balcony and trying, rather unsuccessfully to make it a little prettier :) 

Enjoy my lovelies!

And this gorgeous girl is Izzy!

Just to give you an idea of context... here are a few 'before' pics

Don't Enid Blyton's stories come to mind? I can easily imagine elves and pixies up to magical mischief and playful pranks in the colorful, green nooks of this happy garden :) 

Hope you enjoyed this edition of My Space, My Style. Stay tuned to the blog for more this week. You can see more of Kanak & Anuj's home here. I have some interesting stories to share and a few BIG, BIG surprises are in store! 

[All images- courtesy Kanak Patel]

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