Tuesday 3 March 2015

Kanak's Whimsical Garden Oasis

Another addition of MY Space, My Style! This time we are taking you outdoors! For the last two years, I've been seeing my friend Kanak's garden transform into this magical little oasis of green. And if I were to be honest, everytime I see pictures of her garden, I turn a little green with envy :) 

Kanak & Anuj's home is in the heart of LA and their garden is just such a gorgeous, gorgeous escape! What is even more admirable is that it's been a D.I.Y project that they have undertaken together, and there is absolutely no doubt that it's been a complete labour of love! 

Prepare to be awed, inspired, and if you are like me, just the tiniest bit jealous! Each time I see her garden, I feel like going out onto my tiny little balcony and trying, rather unsuccessfully to make it a little prettier :) 

Enjoy my lovelies!

And this gorgeous girl is Izzy!

Just to give you an idea of context... here are a few 'before' pics

Don't Enid Blyton's stories come to mind? I can easily imagine elves and pixies up to magical mischief and playful pranks in the colorful, green nooks of this happy garden :) 

Hope you enjoyed this edition of My Space, My Style. Stay tuned to the blog for more this week. You can see more of Kanak & Anuj's home here. I have some interesting stories to share and a few BIG, BIG surprises are in store! 

[All images- courtesy Kanak Patel]


  1. It screams C h i l l - O u t, totally loved this space! I esp loved the pic with the dog, makes me want to step in and take a took at the entire home :-)

    1. Ambika you can! I've covered Kanak's place on the My Space, My Style section :)

  2. And they enjoy the perfect weather year round too...I am sure they spend a lot of time outdoors. I have never been able to work on my outdoor space, we have a nice yard. Maybe this year? This inspires me - it's lovely!


  3. Shalini this post is awesome with beautiful pictures from your friends place. It must be a big place right?


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