Friday, 16 August 2013

A Designer's Home

I'm always fascinated to see into the homes of creative people. I've often found that their own homes are creative, eclectic and always inspirational. There is almost always an interesting use of colors and patterns that really pop, and a wonderful blending of decorative pieces from different periods. 

Here is a sneak peek into Athens-based graphic designer, Tomy Karaiskos' home. I love the subtle use of color on a mainly white canvas of white colored brick work. Also love the light, airy feel of all the spaces and the interesting art work and graphics. 

[All images- Cush & Nooks]

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Teekhii Chhurii

With Teekhii Chhurii brand, Pooja Ajmera aims to breathe new life into Sanjhi, the traditional art of paper cutting. This self-taught paper artist and entrepreneur painstakingly creates beautiful art work with incredible patience and skill- and all by hand!

Pooja discovered her love for paper cutting only last year, when she wanted to gift her sister-in-law a special birthday gift. Once she discovered her passion for this art form she never looked back. 

Aside from standard pieces that are perfect items to brighten up a home, Pooja also does commissioned, one-of-a-kind pieces that are ideal for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. I think her work is really interesting. I love the playfulness in some of her pieces and I particularly like her work in black and white. 

Take a look...

You can check out more of her work here.

[All images courtesy Teekhii Chhurii]

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Busy month

A lot of things have been happening this past month or so, which have been keeping me quite busy- that's one of the reasons for my sporadic posts. 

First of all, I've been getting my firm's website ready and I'm thrilled to say its finally up! You can visit it at It was great working with Shachee from Exzealient, without whom the website wouldn't have been possible. 

I also want to give a shout out to the team from Prismma who published my frm's first project in Gurgaon, which I completed in February this year. The project was featured in the July/August issue of Prismma Desi Design and I have to confess, I danced a little jig when I saw it! You can see the feature here.

And then there is my Noida project which is just about complete, so I've been putting the final touches to that and trying to get a good photographer organised. I'll be posting more about that soon!

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