Friday 16 August 2013

A Designer's Home

I'm always fascinated to see into the homes of creative people. I've often found that their own homes are creative, eclectic and always inspirational. There is almost always an interesting use of colors and patterns that really pop, and a wonderful blending of decorative pieces from different periods. 

Here is a sneak peek into Athens-based graphic designer, Tomy Karaiskos' home. I love the subtle use of color on a mainly white canvas of white colored brick work. Also love the light, airy feel of all the spaces and the interesting art work and graphics. 

[All images- Cush & Nooks]


  1. to have so many things and yet make it look clutter free is an art!



  2. I liked the white color base and a tinge of colors here and there.
    Nice pics.

  3. It's very nice design and decorate home.


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