Wednesday 8 February 2012

Paraty House by Marcio Kogan

I stumbled upon this house the other day and have since added it to my favorites list. Although it was completed a few years ago, and I’m sure most of you have already come across it, it’s so stunning, that I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

Paraty House is located on a sun-kissed island beach between Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro. This magnificent structure consists of two sleek, streamlined concrete boxes that appear to float out of the mountainside and over the beach with an 8m cantilever.

Designed by Marcio Kogan Architects, this house is a concrete and stone masterpiece having an open-to-nature concept, so apt considering its incredible setting. This house celebrates the outdoors with its huge glass windows that provide stunning views of the beach and the ocean beyond.

You reach this house only by boat and after they arrive, visitors pass by a reflecting pool and ascend stairs that connect the lower part of the house with the upper living, kitchen and service areas. I particularly like the way this house celebrates the process of ‘arriving’ with its grand entry that creates a real ‘wow’ factor to engage and intrigue visitors.

Concrete, stone and wood have been used with great sensibility to create masses and volumes that are perfectly balanced. I love the way sunlight floods the living area and the way the textured surfaces of the concrete are enhanced by the ephemeral play of sunlight on them.  

Hope you enjoy the rest of the images as much as I did.

[All images by The Contemporist]


  1. This definitely is a stunning project... the stark monotones of the concrete and the stone and the warmth of the wood act as a canvas for the brilliant flashes of colour from the furniture, the paintings and even the kitchen counter top!

    nice post Shalini!

    1. Thanks Vijay. I agree. The massing and use of materials is amazing.


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