Thursday 25 July 2013

Parisian Chic Apartment

I know its been ages since I last posted... went home to visit the folks and was too busy being pampered by mom and dad... There really is no place like home.Well now I'm back, I've managed to catch up with work and have finally gotten over my laziness. 

This post is quite a tiny post... I'm sort of easing my self into things :)

I chanced upon this lovely apartment in Paris, which I can only describe as minimal Parisian Chic, on the Dust Jacket blog... you know I love it or I wouldn't be sharing it with you. I love it because it seems to remind me of that feeling you get when its a warm day and you feel a cool, light breeze gently blowing across your face and you close your eyes and feel happy and content. 

The spaces have a sort of zen calm of minimalism, but they are softened by the wooden rafters, the mix of antique and modern furniture and the lovely collection of knick-knacks. And I just adore the subtle use of colors. Enjoy!

[All images- Dust Jacket]

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  1. Your Blog posting and picture selection its nice and wonderful


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