Monday 7 July 2014

Our Little Green Wall of Frames

My mind always seems to be churning with ideas about our home. When I'm taking a breather from work, I always find my mind wandering to this. I usually start thinking to myself, 'How can I make our place better?' When I share these ideas with the hubby I'm usually met with amused smiles and eye rolls but I never let that deter me :) Do you?

We are lucky that our rented apartment has a small foyer space just before the hall, which the hubby & I had painted green during our 'making our rented apartment into a home' phase. Lately, I've found myself fixated on our entry wall, which I've always felt was boring and dull. So I decided to sort of fill it up with as many frames as it can take.   

Some time ago my in-laws gifted me two lovely brass hanging lamps from Kerala and I've put them up here too. This tiny area is still a work in progress, and I've been adding frames one at a time, but I'm quite pleased with how it's shaping up. 

Notice the empty frame... I have a plan for that... will share soon... promise :)

[All images by Shalini Pereira]

Please do not use without prior written permission


  1. Beautiful wall Shalini. I will be waiting to see what's your plan for that empty frame :)

  2. That first pic gripped me for its colors.. In the foreground and the bokeh. Lovely choice of frames as well the artwork.


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