Thursday 19 February 2015

Some Gorgeous Contemporary Lamps

I've realised that I haven't done one of my 'lists' in quite some time and whiling trying to decide the subject matter for said list, I noticed that I've been doing a lot of pinning of pendant lights on Pinterest lately. So I guess a list of my favorite pendant lights it is! Aside from the obvious mood lighting that they provide, a well designed pendant light is a fabulous way to inject a certain style and character in a home. And there are some great designs out there in different styles and materials- basically something for everybody :)

Most of these are beautiful contemporary designs that are closer to the minimal style, but one or two are a little retro/vintage/industrial. A beautifully designed lamp can have such an impact on a space and I love that designers are really experimenting with the materials they are using in their creations.

Hope you like my list. It's not in any order...

1. I love, love, LOVE these hand-blown glass lamps by Niche Modern Lighting. This particular design have such a sensuous feel and their exposed filaments give them a very modern, timeless appeal. These would look stunning as a group over a huge, linear dining table. Definitely on my 'Someday Maybe' list. For me, this lamp is probably a close second behind the And Pendant lamp (see 8), although the Dan Yeffet lamp (see 5) is very close too!

2. Now these organically shaped wooden lamps by Caroll Street Woodworkers, a Toronto based studio. I think they would look so awesome in a minimal interior, you know, white walls, black slate floors and these lamps along with a very modern credenza and maybe an oversized framed B&W photograph? hmm...

3. I think these lamps by Heer Mandel are quirky, contemporary and very interesting. The geometric wooden frame houses the bulb within. Love the simplicity of the design.  I picture these lamps above a light wood table and against a background of white, exposed brick walls. 

4. These lamps by Lambert & Fils Studio are another one of my favorites. They are contemporary and very sophisticated and so simple. 

5.  This beautifully crafted piece is from Dan Yeffet for French company, Collection Particuliere. The lamp is made from marble and brass. I can just imagine a row of these beauties above a dining table. The perfect addition to a contemporary home.

6. Etch Shade Brass lamp by Tom Dixon is a contemporary lamp inspired by geodesic structures. A cluster of these in a grand staircase area would look pretty awesome I think! This is the perfect lamp to add a touch of opulence and luxury while still keeping it modern.

7. The Coco Pendant is a handcrafted lamp made from turned Victorian ash timber and powdercoated spun aluminium shade. The contrast between the wood and the powdercoated aluminum shade is so subtle and I love the lamp's sensual shape. 

8.  The last lamp on my list is my absolute favorite! It's called the And Pendant Light by Bentu Design. I love this lamp because of its minimal simplicity and because I love all things concrete :) It's a study in how two contrasting materials like bamboo and concrete can look so incredible when used together. Another one that is right on top of my 'Someday maybe' list :) 

Hope you enjoyed this list guys. Have a great weekend! For any of you in Delhi, NCR who are always looking out for great finds for your home, drop into the Windmill Design Festival at Ayanagar Village, Delhi. I not going to miss it :) More details here.

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]


  1. Awesome ! i truly love the 8th one!

  2. Hi,

    Awwww.... Beautiful designs you have created for "Some Gorgeous Contemporary Lamps".Third one is really very creative and it presents the simplicity pattern.


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