Tuesday 22 November 2011

Cereei Candles

About a year ago, my friend, Charmi Shah, got into the candle making business. She created the brand ‘Cereei Candles’. Her candles are so amazing that I just had to share her handiwork.

Cereei’s story…
Having always been interested in design, Charmi believes her exposure to high-end design and décor at the interior design firm of DGA, led to her fascination with home décor products, especially, candles.

Starting small, Charmi initially gifted her creations to friends. She got her big break when DGA commissioned her to come up with a range of candles specifically for a residence the firm had designed. The positive responses she received gave her the confidence to expand.

Charmi’s candles are no ordinary, run-of-the-mill candles- they are works of art. The candles come in different designs, sizes, textures as well as fragrances. Her work reflects her love of color and texture.

Charmi even designs her own metal molds for the candles. She always uses aluminum or M.S, never tin, which she gets fabricated through a vendor.

She hand crafts each candle. On an average it takes 5 to 8 hours to complete one.

Charmi now retails her candles through The Bath World, Baroda and she is also looking to approach other lifestyle stores to retail her creations.

Because of an increased awareness of environmental issues, Charmi plans to launch an eco-friendly range of candles using natural wax like soy wax, palm wax and bees wax.

Soon she also hopes to expand to include her other love, fabrics. She is planning a range of cushion covers and bags and at a later stage she hopes to foray into handmade soaps.

I wish her every success!

You can check out Cereei’s Facebook Page.

Contact Charmi at cereeicandle@gmail.com

All images courtesy Charmi Shah.

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