Tuesday 22 November 2011

Color it Up!

While reading the book ‘Tricia Guild in town’ which talks about contemporary design for urban living, I came across a statement that really resonated with me.

“Interior design today is moving towards something softer and more soulful. Making a home is not a matter of what you hang on your walls and how you hang your curtains. It’s an emotional response to your surroundings and how you live.”

And what can elicit a bigger emotional response than color? I love nothing more than to step into a space that is vibrant and alive with color. As a designer I find color both inspiring and comforting.

It’s easy to bring color into your home. Splash your wall with a color that you really identify with and notice an immediate difference. A bright green, a cheerful yellow, a vibrant orange or a soothing blue can make a world of difference to a room. Colors in a space speak to us at an emotional level. They are a representation of who we are. They capture our imagination; they reflect our personalities and give us comfort.

The above two images show an apartment where color has been introduced through accessories like cushion covers, fresh flowers and interesting knick knacks, creating a space that contemporary and refreshingly playful. (Both images courtesy Kanak Patel.)

But it’s not just about painting your walls. Color can be brought into a space in a myriad of ways- a colorful painting, multicolored cushion covers, a vase of colorful flowers, a colorful rug, small or large knick knacks- the list goes on and on.

Color can even be used in spaces with a minimal design, as seen above. The use of a few brightly colored cushion covers and a colorful abstract painting add a touch of boldness. (Image courtesy Tanvi Gala of Elan Designs.)

Here richly colored red drapes make all the difference to this covered porch of a rooftop deck. (Image courtesy Tanvi Gala of Elan Designs.)

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and don’t be tied down by what the color manuals and articles on color psychology say. Do what feels right for you. After all it’s your house!

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  1. Nice post, Shalini with interesting ideas to play with. Keep writing, it gives (non-artistic) people like us ideas to liven up our spaces.


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