Monday 4 March 2013

Cher's Indian Inspired LA Home

I fell upon this article, featuring Cher’s LA home, on the Architectural Digest website while trolling the net for inspiration during a recent bout of designer’s block. 

When I think of Cher, I think of Gothic extravagance, a lot of black, deep scarlet and purples- a lot of over-the-top craziness. So I was rather surprised to see her beautiful home designed by interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Cher’s brief, in her own words, were “something ethnic, spicy and romantic” and Martyn delivers exactly that, but in muted tones of creams, ivories, whites and buttery beiges.

This apartment really does have an Indian flavor, but with an underlying sense of contemporary finesse. There is a sense of extravagance, but it is so well balanced by the neutral color palette. 


My picks...
The center table in the living room whose design is inspired from the humble Indian charpoy or manjaa

The antique platform bed framed by an ornately carved wall paneling that hold large mirrors within its fluted arches.

Cher’s bathroom, with its stone tub that sits proudly in the center of the room, is one that even Cleopatra would be proud of.

[All images courtesy Architectural Digest]

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