Tuesday 4 June 2013

Capturing Poetry in Motion

Its quite a task to capture the movements and gestures of a dancer, those tiny nuances of expression and enthralling leaps that make an audience gasp in wonder. My good friend Soumita Bhattacharya does just that- she captures poetry in motion. 

A freelance photographer who specializes in performing arts, she gave up her job as a biotechnology research assistant to pursue her passion professionally. Soumita has always been an avid photographer and she describes her new endeavor as an intersection of her two passions- dance and photography. She likes to work closely with dancers, so that she can understand and convey their vision through her lens.

Soumita likes to photograph dance forms from different cultures, something she says, "stems from her interest in travel, and a curious eye." She was recently shortlisted for the Toto Funds the Arts Award (TFA 2013) for her project Body/CityScape, and her photographs have been published in various news dailies like The Hindu, Asian Age and The Sunday Guardian, to name a few, as well as magazines like Time Out, Caravan and First City. Soumita has also exhibited at the India Habitat Centre, The Russian Centre and the Max Mueller Bhavan.

Here are some of the fabulous images she has captured...

You can see more of Soumita's work here... 1, 2, 3

[All images courtesy Soumita Bhattacharya]


  1. Amazing work by Soumita...capturing motion is so difficult and she has done it so elegantly!!


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