Tuesday 28 May 2013

Back to Nature

Outdoor bathrooms are becoming more and more popular these days. A lot of my clients now ask for this to be included into the planning of their homes, and if you have the space for it, it really is a great idea. 

I think outdoor bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular because life is so stressful and chaotic, that we try to surround ourselves with nature as much as we can, and what could be more relaxing than these spaces.   Another reason I think that this concept is so popular is because, while most of us may not be exhibitionists, there is a sort of a tantalizingly naughty and fun element to bathing under the open sky while being ensconced behind the privacy of screening walls and lush green shrubbery. 

Here are a few outdoor bathing spaces that I find  really inspiring.

[I have credited wherever possible. If I've missed you out, please drop me a line and I'll be happy to add it in]


  1. Lovely, I wish I also had one of these.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures, its such a pleasure to see such designs with greenery and touch of nature in this age where we are accustomed of living in concrete jungles. These outdoor bathing spaces can give similar experience of bathing in a natural spring in middle of forest.


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