Monday 20 May 2013

Real Del Mar House by Gracia Studio

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”-  Leonardo da Vinci

It often seems like a never ending struggle to convince clients to keep things simple. They always seem to be worried about things looking too plain. As a designer, I find this one of the most frustrating things! 

Here is a great example of simplicity in architecture. Love the massing and the form of this structure by Gracia Studio, a firm based out of Mexico. I love the combination of wood, concrete and plaster, and the way this contemporary structure seems to sit so well in its desert surroundings. 

[Images via Gracia Studio]


  1. I love both a modern unclutterd look, but, at the same time, I love a more collected, layered look, and if I were to choose I wouldn't know which way to go!!:)) I'm decorating my house now, as we moved a month ago, and it is a work in progress!!
    Love the architecture of the house in your post!!
    Hello from Romania!
    Ozana (House@heart)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Onza! I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to choosing between the two looks. I find myself designing modern, contemporary homes for my clients, and yet my own home is full of things I've collected over the years.

  2. yes, i agree with you..keeping things simple most of the times is beautiful. nice pics.


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