Wednesday 30 October 2013

Featured! My Design Firm, SPDA's 1st Feature in the Print Media

I guess Diwali has come a little early for me... and I'm so, so chuffed to share this news with you! 

A while back I posted images from my recently completed Noida site, Govindam. And I got such an amazing response from all of you guys...And now, I'm thrilled to say it has been featured in 
Society Interiors - the Special Diwali Issue! Yay! 

This is SPDA's first feature in the print media. I have to admit, quite unashamedly, that when they first told me they were planning to feature this project, I danced a little jig :) 

Want to say a big thanks to all the team at Society Interiors, and especially to Trisha Mahajan for the amazing text! 

Click Here to see the images!

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