Wednesday 27 November 2013

Tashya- by Charged Voids

Bringing you something different today... a first of sorts. A luxury, high-end bridal store located in Chandigarh. I came across this store on Dezeen Magazine and just loved the design. Modern and yet Indian, it celebrates India's rich heritage in traditional craft. Take a look...

Inspiration for Tashya, a luxury, high-end bridal wear store, was derived from traditional Indian embroidery with its abundance of intricate motifs, says Aman Aggarwal and Siddarth Gaind of Charged Voids, a local design studio based out of Chandigarh. The store won Shops Category in this year’s Inside Festival.

The design makes extensive use of wooden panels having traditional patterns out. These panels serve as ornate screens that are seen throughout the store. The motifs are repeated in different scales and on different materials ranging from wood to metal. The screens or Jalis, as they are termed in India, provide a perfect backdrop to showcase traditional bridal garments that are equally resplendent in their ornate character.

Although the design makes extensive use of pattern, it is used very sensitively and so still manages to achieve a contemporary, luxurious  setting that in no way overwhelming or jarring. 

[All images via Dezeen]

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