Tuesday 10 December 2013

Design Blogger's Fab Five for the Home - Installment II

I promised you more soon, and here it is! The 2nd installment of the new series, Design Blogger's Fab Five, on All Things Nice. I have another treat for you today with Deepa, one half of the amazing duo that are behind another one of my favorite blogs, Aalayam. Today Deepa is sharing her top five must have things in her home(in this case six, since she cheated and managed to sneak in an extra one).  

I'll let Deepa elaborate in her own words...Enjoy!

And I mean the right kind! Lighting can truly make or break a room. I am a huge sucker for soft, diffuse lighting that sets the perfect stage for soulful music and quiet conversations. Subtlety breeds coziness. Nothing compares to the timeless appeal of the warm glow of a well-lit room!

Our home is bathed in many vivid shades and we like to believe that’s what makes our home unforgettable! We were not always committed to color but now it’s a décor must -have. It is an easy and affordable way to breathe life into what you already own. A few brush strokes and a painted wall can do wonders to a room and one’s mood and so we have colored it crazy!

My little one’s first teddy bear, a variegated pen stand made by an artisan in   Chennapatna – little accessories of colossal emotional worth are sprinkled throughout our home for a personalized connotation. 

Nothing is more pertinent than artwork when it comes to adding the finishing touches to home décor. Our collection has been creatively curated over many years. Friends who are aware of our love for art have contributed treasured pieces to our assemblage and we cherish these one-of-a kind handmade pieces profoundly.

And I am talking furniture! You can never go wrong by investing in furniture pieces that are enduring, functionally sound and aesthetically appealing.

We live by this tenet. We often share our home with friends and family and strive to create a memorable experience through a harmonious medley of ingredients –food, flowers, music, lights but fundamentally through love and laughter!

I want to say a huge thanks to Deepa for agreeing to be a part of this series- for sharing her thoughts and for the totally fab visual inspiration! THANK YOU!!!

[All Images courtesy Deepa & Aalayam]


  1. You have good color sense. Colors add life to our otherwise dull lives.

  2. Lovely.... I agree to all the above..... Fab five is a Great idea shalini.... I loved it.

  3. I agree with all the five above..... Fab five is a great inspiration Shalini.... I really loved it.

  4. what a great idea.. to have all these brilliant ideas and inspiring people on one blog.. :) wanting to come back again and again...

  5. Am loving your Fab Five series! You've put decor ideas across in a refreshing new way.
    And great ideas from Deepa!

  6. This is a great idea Shalini and I love Deepa's choices.

  7. shalini - hope all is well. you have been out of action for a bit, what's up?


    1. All good Deepa... just got lost in the chaos of the holidays. Thanks for asking!

  8. Amazing photos..! i really impressed about these photos.

  9. Thanks for sharing wonderful information, it is really nice information.


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