Wednesday 28 May 2014

Bring Home Stories: City Life inspiring Design

The city is like a living breathing organism and every city has its own character, its own flavor and its own story. Stories of ordinary people going about their everyday lives and stories about extraordinary people who the rest of us admire and aspire too. Bring Home Stories evolved from an idea of telling these stories- stories of the cities we inhibit, the random people we meet and those places that make a city special.

Bring Home Stories is the brainchild of Sapna Bhatia and Paul Liptrot. Sapna is an international journalist and Paul, an artist based in the UK. Together this team aims to capture stories of cities around the world- of art, culture and everyday life through the lens, and use these stories as inspiration in their designs.

Quite a unique idea, right? You can also watch some of their amazing videos on Delhi here.

The first collection of the Bring Home Stories label is comprised of exclusive products ranging from artwork, cushion covers and apparel, all inspired by the Delhi phool mandis (flower markets), now sadly pushed to Ghazipur. View the entire range of products that Bring Home Stories has on offer, here

Next up on their agenda, Bring Home Stories will be launching a showcase inspired by stories from the cities of Mumbai and Dubai. 

[Images courtesy - Bring Home Stories]

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