Thursday 5 June 2014

India Circus Give Away

Back after a nice break in Singapore and what a nice time I had! Not the most relaxing of breaks... a lot of walking around, but had an amazing time discovering Singapore on foot. I’ve clicked tons of pics and can’t wait to share... but right now I'm going through the torturous process of sorting through all the images I clicked. However, since the weekend is almost upon us, I thought we start the fun a little early :)

So what’s this ‘fun’ I’m talking about? It’s another Giveaway on All Things Nice! And it’s sponsored by the amazing people at India Circus.

India Circus is one of my favourite brands when it comes to home decor. They offer sophisticated and affordable style perfect for the modern Indian. I regularly browse their website for hours at a time and add stuff to my never ending wish list of things for the home :) What I love about this brand is their commitment to introducing modern sensibilities to Indian aesthetic traditions. 

Established by renowned designer Krsna Mehta, this label has a number of collections ranging from home decor, fashion and personal accessories. Their designs are inspired from India’s rich and expansive heritage, its crafts, textile traditions and art, as well as from its flora & fauna and you can’t help but adore the juxtaposition of tradition and modern that make their products trendy, engaging and full of whimsy.

So getting to the good stuff... here’s what you can do to win. And it’s easy peasy this time. No hard work at all!

 This passion scented pillar candle with a cute little buti design and the 
lovely this Linked Circles Clear Glass and Iron Lattice Hurricane could be yours!

All you need to do is...

1. Visit the All Things Nice FB page here, and hit like, if you haven’t already liked the page :)

2. On the All Things Nice FB page there will be a post titled 'India Circus Giveaway’. Add your comments on why you think the India Circus brand is so cool and mention two of their designs that are your favorites. That’s it! 

I’ll be selecting the lucky winner with the best and most interesting responses. Winners will be announced Monday Evening so you have the entire weekend to think.


  1. Hey Shalini.. you have got a lovely blog. I truly like your home tours. You should do more of these. I am going to set up my home in Delhi this month and would approach you then for ideas.. :D

    1. Thanks glad you like it. And pls get in touch any time :)

  2. Hey Shalini! Have participated in the giveaway :D

    Fingers crossed :D

    -Sonia Nagdeo


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