Friday 6 June 2014

The Upcycle Project

I've been hearing a lot about upcycling lately. What is upcycling? You know that phrase, ‘One man's waste is another man's treasure’? Well that’s exactly what upcycling aims to do. It’s the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. And considering the amount of waste we are generating today, I think it’s a very interesting concept.

The concept of upcycling is not new, especially in India. I mean I’m sure we’ve all seen our parents and grandparents finding new and innovative ways of re-purposing objects over and over until they could not be used anymore :) What’s new and interesting, though, is when the concept of design and aesthetic come into the process of reuse and these old, discarded items are modified to become objects of art and decor.

So when Amishi Shah got in touch with me to feature her new venture I was more than happy to help. Amishi quit her full time job to start a venture which she calls the Upcycle Project, through which she is endeavouring to make upcycled home decor become mainstream. Amishi explained to me that upcycling is not recycling, so as a result it uses less energy, which makes it quite eco-friendly.

Currently, The Upcycle Project is focused on home decor and more specifically, home accessories which are handcrafted with love and care. They specialize in creating both young and funky accessories as well as classy and stylish products. 

In the short time since its inception, this small venture is growing by leaps and bounds. Amishi’s studio is reflective of her passion for upcycling. She has experimented with cool new concepts like a paper mache flooring and 3D wall paintings that work with furniture pieces. The space is meant to inspire creativity and demonstrate what can be done with 'old waste' and a little creative thinking. The best part is, the entire project was fairly light on the pocket and it shows how frugal can also look pretty.

You can find out more about The Upcycle Project here.

[All Images- Amishi Shah]


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