Thursday 7 August 2014

Studio Wood Collective, Delhi

Hi there! It's been a while... I've been really neglecting the blog for a while now... work & flu... never a good combination :(

But I'm all better now, glad to be rid of the chills and have my voice back and now glad to be able to say hello again!

This post has been long over due and so it was the first thing I decided to do as soon as I was back to my old self. I love showcasing young Indian Designer's work on the blog. We have so much talent in Indian and it's a great privilege to be able to use this blog as a platform to promote Indian design as well as Indian arts and crafts.

So here is an amazing little start up by the name of Studio Wood Collective, launched by Gazal Bawa, with an inspiring belief of, "all big things have small beginnings". The collective is formed by three other designers, Vrinda Mathur, Navya Aggarwal and Sahej Bhatia who have backgrounds in product design, architecture, spatial design and graphics.

Re-love, Re-design, Re-purpose- that's the mantra of SWC. Their objective is to rediscover the potential of used furniture pieces and deconstruct their existing form, whilst giving the product a brand new look. In simple words, they take old furniture that has seen better days, or is a little dated and unwanted, and with a little intervention, re-work and creativity, transform it into something chic, beautiful and something you'd love to have in your home. I think that's pretty cool!

Studio Wood Collective launched their first collection on August 1st in Delhi. to discover more visit their Facebook page here

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  1. Hi Shalini, I am a designer and came up with your posts via indian blog directory :). Some of your articles are really amazing! Keep it up! Cheers.


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