Thursday 9 October 2014

A Bohemian Look for the Festive Season

I recently contributed some Diwali decor ideas towards the GoodHomes Magazine Diwali issue, and I promised I would share more images with you, so here they are! My theme was Diwali on a budget and I wanted to sort of demonstrate that we can create pretty spaces from bits and bobs that we have in our homes... So the theme was simple, elegant and bohemian with a little dash of India here and there. I think it represents us as a family quite well... our quirks and all :) It was great fun setting this up and I hope you like it. 

[All images clicked my Shalini Pereira- Please do not use without prior written permission]


  1. Love how the pictures are bathed in a warm glow..........Beautiful !!!

  2. I love love love the image where the marigold is laid out in a circular wreath like arrangement - beautiful.
    loved this post!


  3. Congrats shalini.loved the feel and the tones and the play of candles.loved the circular marigold image a lot!will try it at home


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