Friday 17 October 2014

Faith, Flowers and the Market

Just outside Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, there are rows and rows of vendors selling beautiful fresh flowers for the faithful to take in as offering to Lord Buddha. I was absolutely captivated by the flowers,the different colors of lotus flowers and the sweet, intoxicating scent of jasmine and frangipani.

It's strange when you visit a place, you go with a goal to see certain specific sights and to tick them off your list. But its often the mundane,the simple things that you encounter on the journey that end up leaving lasting memories. A taste, a smell, a conversation... it's these tiny things that you treasure the most.

I guess that quote, "Its not about the destination, it's about the journey to get there" is true, unless of course you are stuck on a plane of course :) Have a great weekend everyone!

[All Images- Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission]


  1. What an exotic market! Great reading your SL travelogues. Agree with you that its most often the small things that stay longer with us after a journey - people, or conversations for me.

    Ah, after seeing your pics I know I missed Kandy totally during our trip.

    1. Thanks Ambika... yes Kandy is definitely worth a visit, even if it's for a day... Happy Diwali to you!

  2. What a totally stunning market.. Yes I remember seeing this when I was in Sri Lanka on holiday.. Count get over how stunning their fruits and flowers look...


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