Tuesday 27 January 2015

Discover North East Cuisine with Sneha & Karen- a Pop Up Event @ Dzukou

Hello peeps! I had a blissful few days in Goa... beautiful 30 degree weather, sun shining and clear blue skies... and now I'm back to the fog and cold that is Gurgaon :( Depressing as that may sound, at least my batteries are recharged and ideas are flowing once again!

I'm kicking the week off with some promotion. My friend and fellow food enthusiast, Sneha Lata Saikia (The Kitchen Affairs), and Karen Yepthomi, owner of Dzukou tribal kitchen (Hauz Khas main market), are hosting a Pop Up even on North Eastern cuisine on the 1st Feb. Sneha is an amazing cook and an expert in North Eastern cuisine and she is incredibly passionate about increasing awareness about this style of cuisine. So when she said she was doing this event, I was super excited. In her own words she says, 

" There is a misconception that North Eastern cuisine is all about eating snakes and insects, when it's actually a very healthy way of cooking with a use of lots of herbs and ingredients like bamboo shoots, soy beans, pork, duck, etc." 

The amazing ladies behind the Pop Up

Karen is from the Sema tribe of Nagaland and her restaurant specialises in some really delicious Naga food. The Pop Up, which covers all North Eastern food, is being held in a lovely setting, the Dzukou Tribal Kitchen and I absolutely can't wait! If you are curious and would like to attend, here is the link to the page, with all the details. I for one am definitely going to be there!

Here's a peek at the lovely setting where a delicious meal awaits...
drool, drool...

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