Friday 2 January 2015

A Home seen through Instagram Vignettes

Happy New Year peeps! It's a brand new year, and I'm sure we have all made a whole bunch of resolutions! Me, I have made just two.... Do less with more Focus, and get better at Photoshop:) (Do you like my efforts above?)

Somewhere towards the end of last year I kinda lost focus on what the blog was about... and it became more of a task than a labour of love. After some amazing feedback from a few fellow blogger friends I did some introspecting and realised this was true. So I have gone back to my core area of interests... design and decor, food - mostly my food, with a few (very few) restaurant reviews thrown in and travel. This what gets me excited and this is why I blog!

And this is my New Years present to all you guys, a little visual treat for the senses. My Space, My Style is back! An old, familiar friend seen in a slightly different light:)  My good friend Kunal Shah, of Kunal Shah Designs, has the most fabulous home. And I have been nagging and nagging and nagging him to send me images of his place. I finally wore him down (I never give up and rarely take no for an answer) and he sent me a few awesome vignettes of his home captured through instagram. (Kunal... so sorry for filling your inbox with nagging reminders)

I love Kunal's home. It's so understated and stylish. A beautifully thought out, minimally styled space with Indian accents as well as some very hip international flair. It's a home that lovingly showcases beautiful pieces of art and craft as well has items of furniture that Kunal has collected on his travels, both in India and abroad. 

Through these images, captured by Kunal, you get a sense of his keen eye in picking out things. His choices reflect his sense of style and personality. There is tongue-in-cheek humour, wit, an appreciation for Indian art and craft and a love affair with international style- all juxtaposed over a muted, neutral palette (Kunal has an aversion to wall color). But there is also, surprisingly, the odd splash of color... in the form of books, sculpture and artwork.

So enjoy the eye candy my lovelies... do write in with your thoughts! Feedback is always welcome! And stay tuned for more eye- candy, some healthy recipes and lots more in 2015. Enjoy!

Those three doll heads on the antique cabinet are not a favourite of 
Kunal's friends, but he gets a huge laugh from creeping friends 
out with them :)

A collection of glass vases Kunal has picked up from flea markets 
in Ahmedabad, Delhi and other cities

Gandhi's Three Monkeys in a hot pink, velvety avatar 

An antique picked up from Jew Town in Cochin

A cane chair with a mid- century look that is one of my favorites

Some more antiques

A sculpture Kunal picked up from the Crafts Museum in Pragati Maidan

And still we are still in the festive spirit for a few more 
days... I couldn't resist this one 

Hope you enjoyed this installment of My Space, My Style. If you think you have a fabulous home and would like to share please do write in. Oh and I almost forgot... do you like the new look of the blog?

[All images courtesy Kunal Shah- please do not re-use without prior written permission]


  1. Beautifully framed in words.. loved the write up.

  2. its just beautiful shalini..a home with my sense of styling.its just beautiful:)-hugs and love for the new year dear!

  3. Such a beautiful style and lovely home. You did right in bugging Kunal!
    Happy, new year to you too. Fabulous home Kunal.

  4. Very nice ... One can't really get a sense of the ENTIRE Home but the bits and pieces shown are exciting and vibrant ...

  5. oh my gosh... this is such a gorgeous home.. so well styled.. wow!!

  6. Understated gorgeousness. This is too much of a teaser guys, need to see more :) Loved the pics!


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