Monday 29 December 2014

X'mas done and dusted... 2015, bring it on!

I'm back after quite a break...Christmas is over, and I'm always left a little sad once it's done. Hence all the introspecting :) It all rushes by so soon. I guess time flies when you are having fun. More than the day itself though, I think for me, it's the anticipation of Christmas day that I love. The planning and preparation. Christmas has always been a busy time of the year... busy making X'mas sweets, fruit cake, putting up decorations, planning parties, aside from getting done with work commitments. It's all one crazy mad rush! And then it's over! 

This year was especially hectic since the usual Menon X'mas bash that we have, which is an annual thing, took on life of its own. The guest list touched 45 and I was doing all the catering! The hubs ran off the Dublin :) Very smart he was!

Now I know that I love feeding people, but this was particularly ambitions, perhaps even bordering on crazy :) But what is X'mas if not feeding people and and seeing happy faces. I'm a little like Monica (from Friends) that way, I get a huge kick from people enjoying my food. Well that's not the only way I'm like Monica, but we won't go into that :) So the X'mas Party, though quite stressful, gave me a huge high once it was pulled off!

Getting back to the point, we had a pretty awesome X'mas. More that the presents, it's about being surrounded by friends, old and new. And I realise I have a lot to be grateful for. So this is sort of the last post of the year... I'm sharing images of a few of the goodies I made, the X'mas decorations put up and the festive spirit at home... I hope everyone had a wonderful X'mas. Here is hoping that 2015 is bigger, brighter and even more awesome. 

My candied spiced nuts were a huge hit, stay posted for the 
recipe which I will be sharing soon

You can see my Sangria recipe here

Oh and it was my birthday too!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! 
See you on the otherside!

[All these images, except the last, were clicked by Jasmeen Kaur Malhotra of Cake Couture]


  1. The last picture is absolutely adorable! Belated wishes shalini!

    looks and sounds like a fun party!


  2. Thank you Deepa, it was! I hope that you had a nice break over the holidays. Happy New Year to you and Supriya... wish you a fabulous 2015!

  3. aaaaawww Shalini... Happy Birthday to you... Such a lovely tree.. and such a pretty Christmas.. *smiles*

    1. Thanks Patricia :) Hope you had an awesome Xmas season and wish you the best for 2015!


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