Monday 8 December 2014

A Preview of Fork You Too... soon to open in Gurgaon

For all of us meat lovers, burger lovers and steak aficionados, looks like Christmas is coming a little early… and Priyank Sukhija, restaurateur extraordinaire, is playing Santa! So what is this present that’s got me so excited? Fork You Too, a burger joint and steakhouse, and younger sibling to Fork You, HKV, has come to Gurgaon! And this swanky, industrial styled restaurant, which is opening shortly, is located in the very happening sector 29, just next to Bikanerwalla.

The Writers Collective India (TWCI) which I am so happy to be a part of, was recently invited to preview Fork You Too. I had a work meeting tentatively set up for the same day and actually crossed my fingers that my client would cancel and, I was super duper happy that he obliged me :) 

I am a big fan of Fork You in HKV- I think they do some really great burgers. And I love the concept of being able to decide what you want in your burger. With this in mind, I have big expectations of Fork You Too. But I’m sure Priyank Sukhija is used to dealing with high expectations, considering the success of his other restaurants, Townhouse Café and Warehouse Café, both in Connaught Place, Out of the Box in HKV and Skooter in Chanakyapuri, to name just a few- quite a number of home runs for someone so young, and a real inspiration for anyone wanting to get into the hospitality business.

So getting to the setting, I liked the slightly grungy, industrial style look of the place, the exposed brick walls, the bar area with its backdrop of giant exhausts that make quite a statement. Only thing missing were the rows and rows of liquor bottles you associate with a bar, but that will be taken care of soon enough, once they get their liquor license.  

And now the most important part… THE FOOD!!! Ok, before I start, I have to say I am very picky, when it comes to my burgers and steaks… that being said, these guys do the most awesome tandoori chicken burger I have ever tasted! Truth be told, when the chicken burger was put in front of me, I almost didn’t want to try it, I was saving room for the big daddy of burgers, the tenderloin burger. But a little voice said just try it and boy was I happy I did! It was tender, so juicy and just bang on perfect! It came served with 2 sides and you can choose from a coleslaw or a light, fresh green salad and potato wedges, onion rings, fish fingers (divine!) or cheesy mozzarella sticks.

The burgers...

The tenderloin burger arrived a little later and was really good too, with the caramelized onion and bacon that topped the patty. The patty was done medium, and I prefer it medium rare, but that’s a personal preference really, and when I visit next, I’m going to ask for it to be done just the way I like it and I’m sure it’s going to be incredible. The best burger in town? Hmm… that could be endlessly debated by all of us burger lovers who think we are ‘experts’… but a really good burger, and that can’t be debated :) I also have to mention that there is a huge improvement in the quality of the bun, that was the one thing where I felt the Fork You burger lacked- the bun sort of fell apart in your hand, as you ate the burger. This has been completely rectified in Fork You Too. 

While we were gorging ourselves on these delicious burgers, Priyank told us about his plans to introduce a few fusion burgers on the menu, one in particular, with a distinctive Lal Maas filling, that sounds very interesting and definitely something I want to try.

Once the burgers were sorted, we tried some steak. The one I loved, and would keep going back for again and again, was their herbed garlic tenderloin steak served with a side of mash and grilled vegetables that were done to perfection. As I cut into the steak I could see it was medium rare and soft, juicy and the perfect morsel of meaty goodness! A real meat fest! I was in meaty heaven :) All I needed was a nice cold beer to wash things down… The only thing that could have possibly made the experience even better was if there had been some spicy, pungent mustard on the side. That would have given a nice punch to the entire meat experience.

Fork You Too is a must visit, for its ambiance, music and once its liquor license is sorted, it will be a great place to hang out in the evenings. It’s in a great location and is sure to attract a great evening, after office crowd, as is the case for most places in this area. So, if you love your meat, you will love Fork You Too, from the food, right down to the quirky, yellow coasters with their distinctive tongue in cheek humor. 

[All images by Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission]


  1. Super Reading, Shalini ... made that afternoon come alive again. Totally agree with You on the Burgers and the Steak Cheers


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