Tuesday 28 April 2015

Food Inspired from the Fujian & Hunan Region @ Eest, Westin Gurgaon

You know you enjoyed the food at a restaurant when even a few years after your visit, you can close your eyes and almost revisit the experience. Sometime back, I visited Eest with some friends. Two of us were die hard meat lovers and we ordered some lamb, and we still talk about how good that lamb was, even today!

So last week, when I was invited to Eest to review the Fujian & Hunan inspired food festival that is currently on (till 30th May), I was quite excited. Eest offers the experience of modern asian flavours such as Thai, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. China, like India, covers a huge geographical area, and its cuisines vary from region to region. Hunan cuisine is known for its hot, spicy and robust flavours and fresh ingredients. In comparison the cuisine of the Fujian province, while flavourful, is much lighter and with an emphasis on umami. 

Chef Sam Wong has crafted a delightful menu of food inspired by the cuisine of the Fujian and Hunan regions of China. The food was delicious and full of bright, spicy flavours. The highlights for me were the Golden fried prawns, Shredded lamb with spinach, homemade style egg bean curd and the Fujian style steamed fish. One of my favourite discoveries was the use of pickled red chillies in the food. Chef Sam Wong explained that this is a hallmark of the cuisine of this province and that the pickled chilli add a more mellow spice to the flavour profile. 

Do visit Eest if you are a fan of Chinese cuisine and want to discover the flavours of these provinces. This menu is available till 30th April so head there soon! 

Golden fried 'tempura like prawns where wheat starch is used instead 
of batter to give an incredibly crisp envelope to the prawns

My favorite by far, the lamb was so soft and juicy. Nobody does lamb 
like it's done here and I kept on stuffing my face with it right up until 
dessert was served.

Cabbage rolls for the vegetarians

Delicious spicy shredded chicken with pickled chilli. Really good!

Steamed fish tempered with pickled chilli. Really loved this fresh 
and bold dish that was one of my favourites

Ok, so I am not a fan of tofou, but this homemade tofou was the most 
delicious tofou I have ever had! It is an absolute must try and something 
I will be thinking about for a long time!

p.s There are a few desserts on the menu. I wasn't a fan, especially of the grean bean vanilla pudding, but that's just me. If you like traditional desserts, then I'd give the dessert a miss, but if you like to experiment, go for it!

p.p.s Thanks Sukhdeep Bahra & Gunjan Kar for the awesome company!

[All images by Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission]

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