Friday 15 May 2015

TLC Bloggers Meet

[Image courtesy TLC India ]

This week TLC aired the 1st episode of season two, The Taste, a show where food writer and TV chef Nigella Lawson, chef, writer and TV presenter Anthony Bourdain and chef Ludo Lefebvre pick contestants who will cook off against each other. And this year chef Marcus Samuelsson has joined the fray too! The Taste is sort of like The Voice meets Masterchef and it's loads of fun! I was lucky enough to be invited by TLC for a bloggers meet at the Olive Bar & Kitchen, for an exclusive preview of the first episode, which was pretty awesome!

We also got to interact with Rajiv Bakshi, VP, Marketing, South Asia for Discovery as well as some other awesome fellow bloggers, while enjoying some of that delicious grub that Olive Bar & Kitchen is famous for :) 

The best part of the evening was a fun session where TLC turned the tables on all us 'food experts' and really put us through the wringer with a blindfolded tasting session and a 'guess the main ingredients session' overseen by chef Dhruv Oberoi. It was hilarious and a good laugh... psst, I managed to guess one or two :)

Chev Dhruv conducting the blindfolded tasting session
[Image courtesy TLC India ] 

Watermelon ceviche cured in sangira 

A bloody Mary seasoned with smoked chicken

Cigars of caramelized white chocolate mousse and milk powder

It was a really fun evening with lot's of interaction, laughs and of course some great food... what more could you ask for really?

[All images by Shalini Pereira, unless otherwise mentioned. Please do not use without prior written permission]

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