Wednesday 26 August 2015

Carl's Jr Burger Chain- Now in Delhi

Carl’s Jr, one of America’s most famous burger chains, launched a few weeks back in Delhi. Located in the ever happening Select City Skywalk, this Californian brand has opened shop with a menu that has been modified for the Indian palate, one that offers a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers.  

Carl's Jr specialises in chargrilled burgers (their patties are grilled, not fried) and is positioning itself as an upscale QSR that offers quality burgers and various other items like hand breaded chicken tenders. And freshly battered onion rings as well as beer on tap. The restaurant has an ambience with a somewhat industrial, edgy look compared to its other counterparts and I’m sure the addition of beer on the menu will make this a popular and more pocket friendly hangout joint for the office crowd as well as the below 30s’. Finally a burger chain that gets that burgers and beer are a winning combination!

I was a little disappointed to hear that chicken is the only option on the menu for non-vegetarians. Sana Chopra, the executive Director and Marketing Executive Sameer Chopra explained that the brand wanted to start small and work out any kinks in the existing menu, before adding more options. While I understand the logic of this, I do think they have played it overly safe. When one hears the word burger chain, one immediately thinks of red meat! So I think if they also had a lamb option, meat lovers would be much happier.

For the burgers, some of the options are the Mile High Burger with hand breaded onion rings & Santa Fe Sauce, the Star Burger with Moroccan spiced chicken with cheese, Char-grilled Chicken fillet with Mango Jalapeno Pepper and many more. For the vegetarians there is the Char-grilled Tandoori Paneer Burger, Paneer Tikka Masala with Mint mayo, Fenugreek Burger, and more! They also have some interesting shakes like the Tiramisu and Pina colada which were quite nice, as well as the regular strawberry and chocolate shakes.

From the burgers I tried, I loved the Mile High Burger and the Chargrilled Chicken fillet with Mango Jalapeno Pepper. I also loved the breaded chicken tenders and the onion rings. The Fenugreek Burger was a veg option that I really liked, but it’s not for everyone since it has a very strong Fenugreek flavor. One thing I must commend the team for, are their Wasabi-Fries, which are really a great idea and really delicious. The fries come with a wasabi flavored powder on the side so one can add as much or as little wasabi flavor as one likes.

Compared to other QSRs, I was impressed with the burgers overall, but I really look forward to seeing a more varied menu in terms of different kinds of meat or seafood burger options. 

[All images clicked by Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission]

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