Thursday 6 August 2015

Just Checking In...

Just a small post today. The weather is lovely, and I just felt like saying a quick hello. Things have been quite crazy lately and as usual the blog suffers :(  

A lot of design work has suddenly come up. Finally some work coming in! It's been tough setting up my design firm in Gurgaon and honestly I was feeling like calling it quits because work was trickling in so slowly. But I think Adhi is my lucky charm, and all of a sudden that sad little almost non-existent trickle seems to be becoming a steady flow. Some big stuff, some small stuff, but hey you gotta start somewhere right? 

Working like a crazy person has been quite exhausting, but fun too. I've missed the exhilarating high of working on crazy deadlines and drafting cadd drawings till the palm of my hand resembles a claw :)

So just a warning, I have a ton of posts pending and you will be seeing back to back posts over the next few days. Bear with me. 

Till then it's bye from me. Have a great weekend!

And in case anyone is interested you can check out my firm's website here and its Facebook page here. Please follow and like and spread the love!

1 comment:

  1. I just visited your company's site as well as Facebook page and I must say that the designs are classy.


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