Monday 9 January 2012

Inspiration for Bedrooms

We all think of the bedroom as a quiet place to escape to at the end of a hard day. Here are a few ways in which to convert this often neglected space into an oasis of tranquility.

The biggest thing that can make a difference to any space is color. I prefer lighter colors like neutrals or pastels for bedrooms since they provide the ideal backdrop for other elements like furniture and accessories. Create a feature wall in your bedroom by highlighting it- either by painting it in a bolder color, covering it with wallpaper, or using texture.

This indulgent four poster bed is a stark contrast to the industrial look of the exposed brick wall which forms an interesting feature for this bedroom

This Indian inspired bedroom in a minimal style is still luxurious and decadent with white metal framed artwork that makes a fabulous focal point in the room

Here, in this almost Zen-like bedroom designed by Rajiv Saini,
exposed brick work is painted white and makes an austere backdrop for the bed

Get rid of the clutter! Nothing ruins an ambience more than clutter. So it’s really important to ensure there is enough storage in terms of a wardrobe and dresser to stash away any clutter. If your laundry piles up, invest in a nice laundry basket that will tie in with the d├ęcor of the room.

Lighting is another great element through which one can create a mood. Bedside lamps can be a stunning bedroom accessory for your bedside tables and their soft lighting is a fantastic way to create a mellow atmosphere which is so important for relaxation. Focus lights can be used to highlight artwork, family photographs or even a particular texture or finish that has been given to a surface. Make a style statement by placing a pedestal lamp in an empty corner of your bedroom- also a great way to bring in additional mood lighting.

Bedside lamps bathe this room in a warm yellow glow creating a perfect atmosphere for relaxation

Remember that in a bedroom it’s all about the bed! The bed should be the focal point of the room- it should look soft, cozy and inviting. Select linen and a comforter that tie in with the theme of your bedroom. Soft cushions piled on the bed give it a luxurious look. If the room has the space, it is a great idea to have a comfy arm chair that you can curl into. Remember to dress the chair with cushions and even a warm throw for those cold winter nights.

An inter play of fabrics and textures on this bed make it indulgently inviting

A constrained use of rich fabrics gives this room an understated elegance

Bring into play your sense of touch. Fabrics like silk, fine linen, satin and velvet are a great choice for the bedroom. Invest in a good comforter and coordinate it with the color of your linens for a sense of class and sophistication. Use different kinds of fabrics and textures for soft furnishings like drapes and upholstery or in accessories like cushions or throws. A rug is another great addition to a bedroom- something warm to sink your feet into when you get out of bed.  

The simple and elegant use of fine cotton gives this room an almost dreamy quality

This room makes a bold statement with its use of bright colors

Your bedroom should be a very personal reflection of who you are- it is such an intimate space. So surround yourself with things that you love like family pictures, your favorite paintings, your favorite flowers, etc. Bring into play your sense of smell by placing scented candles on your dresser or bedside tables. Nothing says romance better that the glow of gently flickering candles.

Whatever style you choose for your bedroom remember to create a sense of comfort, indulgence and relaxation for what should be your very own escape and retreat.

(Image Sources: I have collected these inspirational images through web searches over a period of time. Unfortunately, I don't have the links to them. So thanks to all the sources and if anyone can place the sources, please let me know and I will be happy to put them up.)


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