Sunday 15 January 2012

Nostalgia in Design

Shabby Chic, Vintage Chic and the Country or cottage style have one thing in common- they capture a feeling of nostalgia. They are reminders of fleeting memories of our childhood, of family gathering and of happy times. We derive a sense of comfort from this association with the past. And while, at times, I find this style a tad too frilly and fussy, I do like the idea of nostalgia in design- of connection to our past. Design shouldn’t be sterile, cold and disconnected.

Here are some interior spaces that I love. They have a wistful elegance and familiarity of days past, yet are very much rooted in the now. I find it very difficult to definitively pin down the style of these spaces- I would only attempt to classify them as shabby chic meets vintage industrial and in some cases a little bit of the modern thrown in.

Hillary Swank's Manhattan Apartment featured in Elle Decor. I love the reclaimed wooden panelling and how it works so well with the modern furniture.

Here, a dated, old trolley has been used as a display table and contrasts the soft elegance of the sofa as well as the old antique side table with the vintage lamp.

In this interior stripped wooden flooring and modern furniture is clevery combined with an old library cabinet. The crochet throw on the bed adds a lovey soft touch to this space, which has a warmth despite its minimal style.

In this space designed by CS Interiors, exposed brick is combined with reclaimed wooden panelling and provides a perfect backdrop for an antique chair and vintage floor lamp.

Old painted brickwork, distressed chairs bleached fabrics, crisp white linen all come together beautifully in these elegantly restrained interiors. (Images courtesy Properhunt)

Modern furntiure, concrete floors and stainless steel worktops are balanced by the warmth of exposed brick walls.

Mix-and-match furniture, distressed finishes and the abundant use of white lend this space a wistful charm that has an edgy appeal due to the exposed airconditioning ducts and unfinished wall surfaces.

In this room, the soft white linen starkly contrasts the old, distressed doors which make up the headboard of the bed. The delicate crystal chandelier adds a touch of elegance and luxury. (Image courtesy Design Home online)

Funky cushion covers piled on the bed give this vintage-chic room a retro edge

[Image Sources: These images have been collected from web searches over time. Unfortunately, I don't have the links to all of them so I have credited those that I have. If anyone can place the sources, please let me know and I will be happy to put them up.]

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