Thursday 19 January 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have a thing for lists... lists of my favorite designers, my favorite colors, favorite stores... I can go on all day. I’ve recently made a list of a few things that I’ve come across that I think are kind of cool. Here are my top picks.

1.Concrete Wall by Tom Haga
This custom trompe l'œil wallpaper from 'Concrete Wall' uses photographs by Norwegian photographer Tom Haga to simulate the look of poured concrete as well as exposed brick. It uses high-resolution photography and custom manipulation to ensure the patterns are never repeated. The wallpaper itself has a vinyl surface which is washable, UV resistant and scratch resistant.
For more see 

[Images- Tom Haga]

2.Silver Addition Trolleys by Bordbar
The service trolley, which has been synonymous with air travel for decades, has been innovatively transformed into pieces of furniture for a wide variety of different purposes. These trolleys are now available in a multitude of cool colors. For more see Boardbar- Silver Addition 

[Images- Architonic]

3.Teapoy Table by Sandeep & Tanya Khosla and Amaresh Anand
Joint winner in the furniture category of EDIDA, these cool tables are inspired by Colonial India and its tradition of afternoon tea. The tables are available in three funky shades and have a great retro appeal.

[Image- tsk design]

4.‘Ironworks'-Industrial Vintage Furniture by Tejal Mathur
This furniture combines handcrafted woodwork with industrial style metal work resulting in an edgy line of furniture that still maintains a degree of old world charm.

[Image- The Inside Track]

5.Knitted & Crocheted Furniture & Furnishings
Bringing warmth and a touch of the 'arts and crafts' style into your home, furniture like the knitted pouf as well as knitted and crocheted rugs and cushion covers have led to a resurgence in these crafts.

Paola Navone & Martin Churba’s knitted pouf

Hand knitted 'Urchin Pouf' by Christien Meindertsma

Handmade outdoor poufs made from crocheted polyester cord by Ineke Visser [Images- Apartment Therapy]

Hand-crocheted pendant lamps by London-based designer Naomi Paul [Images- Fresh Home]

6.Lamps & Bowl table by Ayush Kasliwal
Ayush’s design studio AKFD works with skilled artisans to create products that celebrate Indian craft while being uncompromisingly modern in design. 

These brass pendant lamps are inspired by traditional Rajasthani temple bells

An adaptation of traditional wooden laquer trays, the Bowl Table can be used as both table and tray [Images- AKFD]


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