Wednesday 23 April 2014

A Contemporary Barn House- Home of Cinematographer Darius Wolski

I love, love, love, LOVE this home!  The interiors are like a fresh, cool breeze on a warm Summer day. Too much? Can't help myself :)

There are so many reasons why. Where should I start? Firstly, I love the contrast between the exterior and the interior. It looks like a rustic old barn on the outside. But on the inside, it's got a contemporary, slightly industrial feel with high beamed ceilings and steel girders. Secondly, I adore the predominantly black and white palette which acts as the perfect backdrop for knick knacks and antiques sourced from around the world. 

Finally it's so dreamy and welcoming, but most of all, it looks so lived in! 


[All images- Desire to Inspire]


  1. Gorgeous place & gorgeous post as usual Shalini, I loved the reading nook in the loft-kind of place, with slanted roof! I can spend rest of my life there!

    1. Thanks Padmamanasa... glad you enjoyed the post... The reading nook in the loft is also my fav... along with the easy chairs in the living area

  2. Wow..gorgeous mix of modern with rustic. This two always go beautiful hand in hand. From inside it look like manhattan loft.

  3. Love the play of wood against the black floor and the white walls!! What a fabulous home.
    And your recent captures on FB are amazing:) Happy clicking Shalini!!

  4. Wow, beautiful home, Shalini!
    The abundance of space - vertical and otherwise is a luxury! And I loved all the classic pieces of furniture. Style statements in every room!

  5. That tar back flooring and THAT bath! (going on my file instantly ):))

  6. shalini - please check your email.

    p.s: have some catching up to do on your posts..will be back soon.

  7. Thanks for showing a variety interior designing and furnishing!

  8. Awesome post .i hope everybody will like your post


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