Sunday 17 February 2013

Cupcakes for Anvi

We were to visit some friends last night. Their daughter Anvi knows me as the ‘cookie aunty’, so I didn’t want to disappoint. So I thought cupcakes! I have wanted to make cupcakes for ages now and Anvi gave me the excuse I needed.
Found this great little recipe for vanilla cupcakes with lemon & rasberry buttercream frosting from Good Thymes and Good Food and got started. I have to say that this recipe is really easy and the cupcakes turned out lovely- soft and fluffy as a cupcake should be. I tweaked Rachel’s icing recipe a little, substituting strawberry preserve for raspberry since that was all I had at home. I have to confess I also reduced the amount of icing sugar- I felt it was way too much so I eyeballed it. 
Anyway here’s what the cupcakes looked like. I must admit that I was quite proud of the result considering this was the first time I have ever piped out icing. Hubby of course couldn’t resist ‘testing’ them to make sure they were good enough for Anvi. He says they were pretty darn good.

We arrived at our friend's place and Anvi was immediately presented with her cupcakes. She seemed to like them because she had buttercream icing smeared over her face and hands the rest of the evening.
[Image by Shalini Pereira]


  1. Hoped on here from GoodHomes Facebook page. Liked your blog...full of inspirations. Following you now.
    And yesssss your cupcakes look yumm :)


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