Friday 22 February 2013

They Do It With Mirrors

'Mirror Mirror on the wall…’

Mirrors have always been a fascinating element for designers. They can add mystique and drama to a space by creating a sense of illusion. They can brighten up a room by reflecting light into it, and, when used correctly, they can make spaces appear larger than they are. 

Mirrors can even act as objets d'art- there are eye catching designs for every taste, be it super glamorous or ultra modern. Designers use mirrors in so many different ways to dramatize a room. 

Here are some ideas for how you can use mirrors to add a certain ‘wow’ factor to any space.

Paired with consoles
Mirrors are great when paired with consoles. They are great above a console in a dining room or paired with a console near an entry space- perfectly located for the self obsessed narcissist in us who needs one last look at themselves before stepping out.


Large mirrors = Larger rooms
Large mirrors can given an illusion of making a room larger than it actually is. The trick here is that bottom of the mirror should be as close to, if not touching the floor and the top should be well above ones eye-line. This will result in almost the entire room being reflected through the mirror.

Wall Installations
Mirrors are often used by designers to make dramatic wall installations, sometimes with spectacular results.

As Art
Mirrors in decorative frames can really liven up a dull wall and give character to a room.

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[Some of the images shown in this post have been not been credited as they have been compiled by me over time from various web searches. I don’t remember all the sources- those that I do, I have credited below. Please do get in touch with me if any credits need to be added]


  1. NIce compilation!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...Hope to see you more often there.


    1. Thanks Aakanksha! I enjoyed looking through your blog. Hope you visit again.

  2. Great inspirations...mirror on the ceiling a very unusual one...

    1. Thanks for dropping by Nayana! So glad you liked it. The mirrors on the ceiling are my fav too.

  3. I love mirrors too! Loved the one with the raw wooden frames!

  4. Hey Kalpana! Yes those are one of my favorites too.

  5. Finally someone agrees! Mirrors are the best art one can invest in. :) i just ordered my overzised mirror, cant wait! will blog about it soon. Love this post the most...


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