Wednesday 13 February 2013

Simply Beautiful- Modern, Contemporary Spaces

‘Less is more’ 

When visionary architect and designer Mies van der Rohe uttered these words I wonder if he realized the impact they would have, not only during his time, but today as well. These simple three words- they are words that challenge and inspire designers even today. They echo in our everyday struggle to create things of simplicity and beauty.

How often have you come across a product or a building or an space and have marveled at how beautiful it is because of its sheer simplicity? When the design seems so perfect, so balanced- where everything seems ‘just as it should be’ and you can’t imagine how it could be made better.

Here is a collection of images of modern, contemporary interior spaces that I think are ‘Simply Beautiful’…

C Plan House- Khosla Associates

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas -Image courtesy

Image courtesy John Ellway via Pinterest

Shearer’s Quarters by John Wardle Architects- Image courtesy

Casa Grecia by Isay Weinfeld- Image courtesy

V4 House studio MK27-

Bedroom by Rajiv Saini- Image courtesy Michael freeman Photos

Bedroom by Rajiv Saini- Image courtesy

Hiren Patel's Courtyard House- Image courtesy The Contemporist

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