Sunday 10 February 2013

Nordic Elegance from Note Design Studio

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything,but the interior designer in me has been busy completing a few projects- pictures of which I can’t wait to share with you soon!
In the meantime here are a few interesting lamps by Swedish Note Design Studio. I think these lamps are pretty funky and cool. Take a look. Hope you like.

1. Silo Pendant Lamp
These cute little lamps are designed for Zero. The minimal design of this lamp is inspired by the classical silhouette of a grain silo and also closely resembles water tanks that we see dotted all over our own Indian cities- probably the reason why I am so taken with them. The lamps have an edgy industrial feel softened somewhat by the colors they are available in.

2. Fuse Pendant Lamps
Designed for E-x.t, these sexy looking lamps celebrate Nordic simplicity. The soft porcelain lamp is accentuated perfectly by a wooden pendant holder. The lamps are available in subtle white or cream as well as a more funky pumpkin orange.

3. Tomorrow & Yesterday Lamps
Inspired by an awkward man-made separation between the Diomede Islands located in the Bering Strait, these two lamps have an almost space-age look due to their interesting form. I love their simple elegance.
Tomorrow Island Lamp

Yesterday Island Lamp

The simplicity of these lamps make them ideal for a contemporary or minimally designed space where one wants a touch of the quirky.  

[All Images Courtesy Note Design Studio]

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