Tuesday 18 March 2014

A Great Long Weekend

I know doing two posts in a day is a bit much even for little ol' obsessive compulsive me, but I have a feeling work is suddenly going to pile up towards the end of this week, so I think it's best I post this today. Beside a big announcement is planned for tomorrow and I don't want anything distracting from that. So here is a round up of the amazing weekend I had.

How was your long weekend? Did you guys celebrate Holi in a big way? Unfortunately both the hubby & I have been a bit under the weather so Holi was a relatively quiet affair at home this year. But that doesn't mean the weekend was dull. Far from it... in fact it started off with me attending my 1st ever menu launch on Firday night... you can read about my entire experience here.

[Image courtesy Punjab Grill]

Saturday we got up late and I was in the mood of making a special breakfast... so made some French toast with macerated strawberries and maple syrup on the side. We guffed this down with strawberry, banana yogurt smoothies... great start to the day. There is something about making a special breakfast and sitting down and enjoying it together... 

Look at the prettiness... I made this :)

Monday was Holi and although we didn't celebrate I we did get into the spirit a bit by having a nice lunch. Made sambar from scratch and we enjoyed a nice, simple South Indian thali lunch. Someone was mighty pleased :) 

This year St. Patrick's day coincided with Holi. Now I know we not Irish, but for some reason we always celebrate St. Patrick's. It's fun... what other time can you have green beer! I even made some parippu vadas (a kind of dal vada) that are my husband's favorite... and while it didn't come out as well as my mother-in-law's (who makes the best vadas in the world) he was quite impressed at the first attempt :) They went down well with the green beer (normal beer with some green food coloring added). We sipped out beer and watch the Indian-Sri lanka warm up match, which India sadly lost :( Guess the luck of the Irish wasn't with them :)

You'll have to forgive the silly pictures... I think we were both a little 'happy' after the green beer... but I kinda like silly pictures :) 

Well that's my round up of my weekend... I really hope you all had a great day celebrating with family and friends. Oh and make sure you guys tune in tomorrow, I'm announcing the 1st ever competition & give away on All Things Nice and tomorrow's post will have all the details.

[Unless mentioned all images are by Shalini Pereira. Please do not use these images with out prior written permission.]

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