Saturday 8 March 2014

It's the Weekend!

It's sunny, warm and the birds are chirping outside. Two whole days of no work, no meetings & no deadlines.

Happy days! 

Also, a big shout out to all you ladies out there, wishing you a very happy Women's Day! I hope that all of you are being pampered and spoiled and most of all, appreciated for everything you do! Us women are not appreciated enough... I know this because it's only now that I realize how much my mum did for me for so many years and with no thanks and mostly a lot of resentment at all the 'stupid' rules she made me follow. You're the best mama and the person I admire most in the world!

For those of you in Delhi or Gurgaon, if lazing around at home isn't your things, and you're looking for something to do, head out to the Windmills Design Festival in Delhi. It starts today and is on till Sunday evening. Lots of things to see and fun things to do. For more details here is the link to their FB page

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have a great one guys & I'll see you on Monday!


  1. Why in the world can I ever not come up with such short and crisp posts! I do tend to ramble... ufff. I am like the blues in the pic... have a good weekend yourself, mine took long to come this time. LOLL.

  2. Lovely to come across your blog Shalini. We recently moved the NCR area and it was nice to read about local spots and events.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Shalini... and welcome to NCR! Are you based in Gurgaon or Delhi?

  4. The windmill design fest looks interesting, hope you make it and we will get to see the updates here! I am based in Bangalore, miles off :)


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