Wednesday 12 March 2014

Of Early Mornings, Steaming Coffee and Solitude

I'm not really a morning person. It's not the waking up that gets to me, I'm an early riser. I guess I don't like talking first thing in the morning, it's the one thing that annoys me above all else. I hate making conversation in the morning. At our home there are strict instructions in place that conversation should be avoided until I've had my coffee and it's had a chance to work its magic :) It's probably a good thing that the hubby is a late riser... and when he does wake up early, its usually to go for his run. The good thing about this is I get my 40 minutes of 'me time' where I can enjoy my 2 toasts and my mug of coffee by myself, and more importantly, in silence:)

There is something about the morning. It has a quality I can't quite put my finger on, it simultaneously captivates and comforts me. There is a certain stillness, a quietness to it that says the world is still not fully awake. And you can hear the chirping of the birds outside, sparrows (we are lucky to have a few around) fluttering around, singing a happy song that complements the soothing cooing of the pigeons. 

I love these moments I have that are just mine. I sit on the couch, with coffee mug in hand, and enjoy this solitude while the sun's warm rays stream in from the windows casting a warm glow over the room and forming dancing patterns of light and shadow. The other day I had my camera lying around and I captured a few images that I thought I'd share with you.

Have a great day folks!!!

[Images- Shalini Pereira]

P.S- Some really good things happening on All Things Nice... We are going to be having our very first giveaway! Can't believe its taken me so long! Am going to be posting very soon on this to stay posted! 

*Images above are the property of Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission.


  1. Love, love those quiet mornings! I am the first one awake too and I enjoy my simmering cup of tea in the quietude of the morning. So refreshing. Those are some lovely pictures!

  2. hey shalini, can completely relate to it.. u ve reminded me of some things i was forgetting in these busy days..thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful captures Shalini......we women totally need to add me-time to our priority list. It's just as important as anything else. Have a wonderful week !!!

  4. Exactly how I feel. Love having morning to myself.

  5. I'm really happy that you guys enjoyed this post and even happier that you could relate to it... at the risk of sounding anit-social... sometimes being alone for a while is one of the nicest pleasures there is


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