Monday 3 March 2014

Chicory Chai- Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry

So back to the beginning of the week folks! Well at least the sun is out and the day is warm and bright, a pleasant change from the last few weeks! How was your weekend guys? Mine was great and you'll be hearing more about it very soon... promise! Today though, I'm bringing you a little bit of a treat... some stunning handcrafted jewelry by Chicory Chai that will make you drool. 

Chicory Chai is an Indian designer label for contemporary handcrafted jewelry and accessories founded by Himani Grover, whose studio is based out of Gurgaon. Himani says their design philosophy is based on the Romantic art movement, ‘Chicory’ being a symbol of that movement. Himani's roots are also an inspiration and all their pieces have an innate Indian soul- hence the name Chicory Chai.

She was a student at NIFT, India and completed her masters from the Creative Academy, Milan. She has experience with international names like Cartier, Ralph Lauren and Mont Blanc to name just a few.

When she connected with me a while back, I was blown away with her beautiful bespoke designs that epitomize contemporary India.

Chicory Chai works with local craftsmen and every piece of jewelry is hand crafted from scratch in her workshop. It's because of this that no two pieces are the same. 

Most of Chicory Chai's pieces are made from brass or copper, but Himani has also done several specially commissioned pieces in gold and silver.

I am in love with the wistfulness of every piece. They are simple, beautiful and very organic in form- very much grounded in nature. Probably a result of Himani's memories and experiences of her childhood, a large chunk of which she spent in a small town in Southern Maharashtra. 

If you liked what you've seen so far, you can discover more on Chicory Chai here. 

[All images courtesy Chicory Chai]


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