Saturday 15 February 2014

Bored, Bedridden and Grumpy!

So I was supposed to be enjoying a nice, relaxing and romantic holiday with the hubby in Kesroli. We had planned to use the beautiful Kesroli Fort Hotel as a base to explore a few places close by. I was especially looking forward to visiting an ancient step well in Abhaneri. But as luck would have it I messed up my back getting a little too caught up in re-potting a few plants, and have been stuck in bed since Thursday!

Did I mention how much I was looking forward to this holiday?! We have't been on a holiday in such a long time and I really needed one. The last few months have been quite stressful and this was a nice break before more stressful months that I see coming up. To make things worse I absolutely HATE lying around in bed... I'm not someone who can laze, much to the amusement, and sometimes annoyance of the DH :) If there's nothing to do, I'll find something to do :) So the whole 'being stuck in bed' is so much worse!

And what is up with the weather? I mean its almost the end of February, and Spring seemed to be slowing coming in, and then all of a sudden the fog, and rain and cold come back! I mean come on... seriously! SERIOUSLY!

Anyway I'm better today... able to sit up for short spells so at least I can get some stuff done! So I thought I'd vent a little... And now that I've had my fill of cribbing, I wanted to share a few images I took a few days ago... before this entire sad fiasco! 

It was was a lovely sunny morning and the warm rays of the sun were streaming in through the balcony. It got me inspired to get out my camera and click a few images of our home in Gurgaon... A friend once described our home decor style as New Age Indian, and I love that tag. So here are the images... I'm no photographer mind you, and one or two of them are a bit blurred, but thought I'd share anyway. Enjoy! 

I love these traditional brass urlis that I picked up on our last visit to Kerala

[All Images- Shalini Pereira]


  1. Aawww, this must suck! And these kinds of injuries take time too sadly. nevertheless, I hope you feel better soon. Love the blue curtains by the way...I do love your house.

    1. Thanks Harshika... and I'm much better... oh and yes, I like the blue vurtains... a nice change

  2. Hope you feel better Shalini! Nice clicks.

  3. I can totally empathize with you Shalini.........the weather has been a menace here and I've been feeling a little under the weather too. But thank you for sharing these wonderful clicks and I do hope your back on your feet soon.

    1. Thanks Sruthi... and I hope the weather improves in your neck of the foods. Hope you feel better soon... hope its not anything serious... take care of yourself


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