Friday 21 February 2014

Design Bloggers Fab 5- Installment IV

What a hectic few days the past week has been. I've been working on designing a house in Baroda and have been slaving away working on the 3-d model. Issues with my back, which is still not 100%, made sitting up and working for long periods more difficult. The hubby has also been busy with work, in fact I've barely seen him this week. But thankfully the weekend is almost here I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing one (fingers & toes crossed).

Seeing as its Friday and I thought today would be the perfect day for this post... hopefully it will give us all some inspiration and we can while away the weekend dreaming about all the stuff we want to do for our own places. I was actually supper super happy when Anu Varma of My Dream Canvas agreed to be part of the Design Bloggers Fab 5 series on All Things Nice. I love visiting her blog and enjoy her posts immensely. So let me stop going on and on and let Anu tell you in her own words about her Fab 5.

When Shalini invited me to her lovely blog to participate in the Blogger's Fab Five , I thought in my head that It should not be a problem :)  However, when I got down to it, I realized that  I really don't have the perfect 5 answers :) I shall try in this post to  explain what  "home" is for me  and the things that inspire me!

My Roots : This is perhaps the single most important element in my home. Decorating my home has been an emotional journey. Moving thousands of miles away from home was hard. I slowly nurtured the idea of making my new home feel like the place where I grew up.  Maybe it is my way of trying to reduce the physical distance between me and my roots. My home has my stamp on it and yet I am delighted to have a piece of my childhood with me :-) I feel happy, safe and secure with things around me that have meaning for my family.  

Flowers : they add instant cheer, charm and happiness to any space. For me it is not about a bouquet of flowers but just a few stems here and there make me smile :)

Textiles : I have a weakness for textiles from around the world. I love the colors and textures and enjoy changing my cushions :) While one can't make big changes around the house. Changing pillows and cushions can change your decor instantly without it being a major expense!

I know I have cheated and missed out on two more elements. Instead I wish to share a few thoughts about home, decor and design. So please do humor me :)  Modern, Eclectic, Traditional, Global, Contemporary are all tags given to different design styles and perhaps our homes. However, in my opinion authenticity is the most treasured tag. Appreciate the beauty around you but be the person you naturally are. Find the beauty and the desire to create within "YOU".

I feel a sense of happiness and belonging when I step into my home and I wish the same for you :-)

As part of the My Dream Canvas journey I have also created a little online store. Whenever, I get the chance, I go treasure hunting........ whether I'm halfway around the world or just around the corner from home :) I love a good find........ and thus began the Shop at My Dream Canvas. The shop hosts a collection of unique home decor items handpicked by me for you. I would love for you to drop by :)

Thank you Shalini !

I want to say a very big thank you to Anu for her amazing images that have an almost dream-like quality about them. I feel inspired, and I'm sure that all of you guys are will be as well.

If you've missed the earlier installments of Fab 5 you can catch up on what you've missed here, here and here. And stay tuned next week because Fab 5 will be back with Sruthi Singh of East Coast Desi.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Enjoyed reading your article and loved the pictures.Great thoughts- Appreciate the beauty around you but be the person you naturally are. Find the beauty and the desire to create within "YOU".

    1. Thank you... and yes Anu's images and thoughts are very inspiring.

  2. A wonderful list and fabulous pictures as always.....I adore Anu's style. Thank you for putting this together Shalini, enjoyed this series thoroughly. And Happy weekend !!!

  3. Thank you so much Shalini, this is a great series and I am happy to be a part of it :)

    1. Thank you Anu for sharing your thoughts with us...


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