Friday 7 February 2014

Design Blogger's Fab Five for the Home- Installment III

After a very long break, I'm back with the 3rd installment of Design Blogger's Fab Five. Today we are getting a peek into the lovely home of Dr Lakshmi Arvind of Celebrations Decor

I love Lakshmi’s guest post for this installment of Design Blogger’s Fab Five. Not only because her images are so amazing, but because she has gone about thinking about her home in a very different way. Her Fab Five list is very abstract, in fact its more about the 5 fundamental ideas around which she has moulded her home. Although abstract, you can feel a clarity of thought when you see her ideas in the form of images and I’m sure they will inspire you in decorating your homes!


 Refreshing colors add a touch of warmth and liveliness to any space and reflect your personality. I love rustic colors because they give me a sense of tranquillity and security.

 I believe in keeping it simple and I love a home that is uncomplicated. One can derive a sense of clarity and peace.

Connections with the past that add a sense of grace, charm and comfort and for me, form a big part of my design psyche.

The texture of different elements like wood, metal, cane as well as fabrics add a sense of depth and interest to a space.

 Elements of nature could be anything from dried pods and leaves in a bowl to fresh flowers to floating bougainvilleas.

Thanks Lakshmi for sharing your thoughts and for the divine images!


  1. It is just so beautiful! My house looks like a tornado from the two hurricanes I have given birth to :(

  2. Soothing corner of Lakshmis home... familiar pics since i have been following her blog and FB page... but love the grouping of ideas... indeed its these things that make your home special. Thanks for sharing Lakshmi and Shalini

  3. I love her unique way of capturing images and love reading her blog too.

  4. What a fabulous round up !!! I personally adore Lakshmi's style and her home speaks volumes of her warmth, sophistication and grace.
    Thank you for sharing Shalini !!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Lakshmi's fab five. I love her blog.

  6. Thanks Shalini for the wonderful story opportunity on your fabulous lakshmi.I thank each and everyone who love my style,photography and blog!

    1. It was a pleasure Lakshmi, and thanks for taking the time to share these wonderful and inspiring images.


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