Tuesday 18 February 2014

McDreamy's Malibu Home

I have a confession to make... I, along with millions of other women, I'm sure, (and maybe even a few men) love McDreamy. Yes Dr Derek Shepherd, neurosurgeon extraordinaire and one of the reasons I am hooked to the hit show Grey's Anatomy. 

I mean if there was a doctor who looked even remotely like Dr Derek Shepherd in any hospital close to me, I'd be there everyday with some sort of imagined illness! I mean those eyes... and that hair! In the words of Meredith Grey... seriously... seriously!

So I was very happy when I came across this in AD. I love the way this house, designed by the famous Frank Gehry, has been adapted for Patrick Dempsey and his family.It's modern, warm and arty and the sunlight that filters in throughout the home makes it come alive. This house is a happy and relaxed place that is so perfect for a family. 

Take a look... tell me what you think.

This is my favorite space... it could be a very contemporary Indian home

[All Images - AD]


  1. I like it just because its McDreamy's :) :)

    1. Anu I think it could be a shack and we'd still love it:)

  2. The man, alongwith his eyes and persona and home...are just gorgeous!

  3. Georgeous house, I especially love the kitchen with the bench top in the middle. It's very Mcdreamy! ;-)

  4. I love the style and color you choose. Thanks for hosting these home decors.


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