Tuesday 11 February 2014

Rosemary & Orange infused Southern Comfort Whiskey cocktail

Firstly, please forgive the long boring name, I have't figured out a catchy name for this one, so any suggestions would be welcome! 

OK, getting down to business... so I know its a little early in the week to be doing posts on cocktails, but... wait, who I am kidding, it's never too early in the week for cocktails! Besides this one is really good, and hopefully something you guys can try out over the weekend. 

I made a batch of this on Saturday night. We had originally planned to go out for drinks and dinner, but the hubby had to work- a call that kept getting postponed all day, and then finally happened just as it was time to go out! I was pretty annoyed, and after throwing a bit of a tantrum, I thought why not have some boozy fun at home:) 

On a trip to the Philippines, DH picked up a bottle of Southern Comfort, and I've been thinking about trying out some cocktails with it. Saturday night, at home, a little miffed at not being able to go out... perfect for a little cocktail experiment and the two other musketeers could be my guinea pigs! (Evil laugh)

I have to say, I was expecting a bit of a disaster,especially considering the mood I was in, but it worked out quite well and trust we when I say this cocktail really improved my mood... a few sips and I was feeling downright mellow:) 

This is a nice drink that went down really well... a drink that would be especially nice on a warm spring day. Ideal for a BBQ, if you want something that has a little more kick than beer. And let me warn you that this has quite a kick! Since it was an experiment (and I didn't want to waste a good single malt on an experiment) I used Vat 69, but next time I plan to replace it with a nice non-smokey single malt.

Here's the recipe

1. Chill 3 lowball glasses

2.Add a few slivers of orange rind in a cocktail shaker with a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a dash of cinnamon powder

3. Use a muddler  to lightly crush the rind to release its oils

4. Add a lot of ice to the shaker

5. Add a stalk of rosemary, 1 measure of Southern Comfort, 3 Measures of Whiskey, 1/2 Measure of orange juice

6. Stir for 30 seconds and leave to stand for 2 minutes

7. Add 1-2 cubes of ice in each chilled glass, along with a few chunks of orange 

8. Pour the chilled mixture through a strainer into each glass and garnish with a twist of orange rind.

Enjoy! And write in with your ideas for a name for this one!

Serves 3
1 measure = 60ml

[All images- Shalini Pereira]


  1. Pretty intricate!! Unfortunately, The Husband loves his whiskey neat, but this could be a good one to serve at a party!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Roshni... I have to admit that I drink my scotch neat and tall as well, but this is a nice drink if you want a change, especially on a Summer's evening when you want to use up some 'not so great' whiskey.

  3. I'm glad something good came out of our aborted night out. I'd imagine the citrus bite would marry well with the sweetness of Southern Comfort but I'm Scottish and couldn't bring myself to add anything other than a tiny splash of water to a decent malt.

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for dropping by. Yes I have to say that it really did save the evening:) Hope to see you here again!


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